Through our adult ministries, we strive to fulfill our vision of being “a church that welcomes everyone into a relationship with Christ and transforms lives through the study of God’s word and by serving others as grace-filled expressions of God’s love.”


  • Bible Study
  • Care Ministries
  • Service
  • Retreat

 Because we believe the study of God’s word transforms lives, Bible study opportunities are a central part of our adult ministries.  Our ongoing study groups include: Wednesday Night Series, weekly Sunday School, Presbyterian Women Circles, Emmaus Men’s Group, and Thursday Prayer Group.  These gatherings include study and fellowship and all are welcome. 

 One of the ways we serve others as grace-filled expressions of God’s love is through our congregational care ministries.  The Deacon Ministry Teams (Hospitality, Welcome, Involving, and Congregational Care) welcome and reach out to church participants through all stages of life and the Sunshine Ladies provide a vital ministry of correspondence and visitation. 

 The adults of First Presbyterian Church also employ their gifts to serve others through the Ministry Teams of the congregation: Administration, Christian Education, Finance, Mission, Property, and Worship, as well as by singing, leading worship, and teaching children and adults.  Additionally, we serve others beyond our church walls through our many mission opportunities in the community. 

 Transformative growth in our faith sometimes occurs best when we get away from it all, so First Presbyterian Church intentionally partners with the ministry of Austin Presbyterian Pilgrimage, a 3-day weekend spiritual renewal event designed to foster and support an individual’s long-term commitment to living the Christian Life.  There is a pilgrimage weekend each fall and spring at Camp Buckner, near Marble Falls – if you are interested in attending, contact Bill Chambers, our 4th Day Coordinator.